We have done projects for a variety of residences and businesses including Washington DC government buildings, universities, landmark buildings, hospitals, private residences, etc.



Canada Trust Building
Toronto, Ontario
Architect: Crang & Boake

Tweed Pearl interior floors and exterior paving with cubic treads.
Tweed Pearl walls in the third basement vault and coupon room area are book matched.




Provincial Museum & Archives Building
Edmonton, Alberta
Architect: Alberta Dept. Public Works

Tweed Pearl blended and matched walls: cubic caps. Walls are home finished



Telephone Building
Brandon, Manitoba
Architect: Ducan, Rattray, Peters Searle

Tweed Pearl walls purposely unmatched for interesting appearance




Trinity College
Port Hope, Ontario
Architect: Marina, Rounthwaite & Dick

Multiple partitions in boy’s toilets are Tweed pearl; floor mounted



St. Lawrence Centre
Toronto, Ontario

Patterned floor with tweed pearl field and Monte Verde dots and base. Several toilets with ceiling-hung Tweed Pearl partitions.




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