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Marmaro & Terrazzo Olympic, LLC has been open for over 23 years has been providing domestic & Commercial Discontinued & Rare stone like brown stone, lime stone, white domestic marble granite, moldings, domestic granite for both commercial and residential jobs. A. Marmaro Tweed  Quarry is a stone fabrication company quarry. We provide various textures and patterns of rare domestic stones.

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The Tweed dimension stone quarry lease (21 hectares) and the aggregate resources quarry license No.4401 (Jamuary 2003)now owned by Oliver H. Danforth, 9 Woodland drive extension, Rutland Vermont 05701.      The property (conservation authority) was optioned from C. Roger Young, Havelock, Ontario, and core drilled in 1963 by Vermont Marble Company, Protector, Vermont: the Parent company of Ontario Marble Company Limited, with a gang saw the plan in Peterborough and a finishing plant Don Mills. The quarry was opened in 1965 and operated intermittently by Ontario Marble Limited until the lease was surrendered by the Vermont Marble Company in  1985     The property was leased and the quarry developed further by Manitou/Senator Stone from Concord, Ontario in 1995. The east “keyway” layers were removed to the depth of the original Ontario marble Company Limited quarry(approximately 50′). The east-west “Keyway” was developed the existing approximated 200′ width. A top lift of the surface layers was also removed on the strike to the south before operations ceased in 2000.


The metamorphic crystalline marble layers are known as Grenville Marble in this area of the Candian Precambrian Sheild. these Grenville Marble layers consist of calcitic and dolomitic units of varying thickness and purity. the marble layers at this location strike north-south and dip steeply to the east at around 10 from vertical. After extensive core drilling (over 60 cores), the Vermont Marble Company selected to open the Dimension Stone Quarry (1965) on the 60′ east-west width of the “Tweed White, Pearl and Vert” layers. the cross section of cores 18 and 25 with this report – now the western section of the existing east-west “Keyway” quarry, on the cross section A_A line of the 1994 Quarry operational plan with this report. Ath this location, the layers were sound free of joints and could supply a uniformity of grades. The deepest core at the location was vertical core 64 at 148′ on the 1967 block diagram and 1968 quarry floor plan with this report.